Flexible Pricing

You can use the cloud platform for free, or easily upgrade your account to get more capacity.

FreeLearning IoTFree


Up to 2 Devices

Up to 4 Dashboards

Up to 4 Endpoints

Up to 4 Buckets

Standard bucket write rate (1/60s)

Standard Endpoint calls rate (1/10s)

Up to 1 Year Data Retention

Shared Cloud

Community Support


MakerConnecting your home3.95€ / month


Up to 20 Devices

Up to 20 Dashboards

Up to 20 Endpoints

Up to 20 Buckets

Improved bucket write rate (1/30s)

Improved Endpoint calls rate (1/1s)

Up to 2 Year Data Retention

Shared Cloud

Community/Email Support


BusinessConnecting your company19.95€ / month


Up to 100 Devices

Up to 100 Dashboards

Up to 100 Endpoints

Up to 100 Buckets

Improved bucket write rate (1/15s)

Improved Endpoint calls rate (1/0.5s)

Up to 3 Year Data Retention

Shared Cloud

Community/Email Support


On-demandBuilding something big!from 199€ / month


On-demand Devices

On-demand Dashboards

On-demand Endpoints

On-demand Buckets

No bucket write-limit rate (<1s)

No endpoints calls limited

Custom Data Retention

Isolated Cloud

Community/Email/Skype Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your account in any moment. When you upgrade your account, you will pay the new subscription price. When you downgrade your account, your existing paid balance will be used to cover the upcoming month expenses of the cheaper plan. You can even switch from a paid plan to the free one, and your balance will be kept for a year.

Any plan change will take effect immediately.

Your credit card details are securely handled by the Stripe gateway. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. So, your credit card details are not handled or shared directly to the platform to enforce security. Do not introduce any credit card details in this page if your browser is not using HTTPS (secure) connection.

On-demand plans can opt also for alternative payments gateways like Paypal or bank transfer.

A shared cloud means that your account is sharing server and database resources with other clients. In the isolated cloud solution (on-demand plan), your account will be hosted in independent servers and databases sized to your requirements, so you can expect a better reliability. Then, the on-demand plan should be the option to go when developing commercial or critical products. On-demand plans also uses cloud features for better scalability not available in installable packages, like using DynamoDB, Amazon S3, SES, or MongoDB Atlas.

On both cases, we will be providing server updates and new features directly to your account.

Yes, you can opt for console rebranding in on-demand plans, or even request for custom features. Please, contact us with your requirements.

Yes, you can install the server in your own infrastructure. Check our downloads page.