IoT Device REST API Discovery

IoT Device REST API Discovery

In the last console update (1.3.0), we have introduced some new features to improve the development of different clients for interacting with the devices connected to the IoT platform. In this case, we have enabled the Show Query feature that was available in the Device API. This feature will display the REST API calls that are done by the console while interacting with the device. This calls can be used and integrated in other programs, like clients in .NET, PHP, Node.JS, C++, C, bash, etc. This way, we hope this new feature will enable easier integrations, expanding the possibilities and integrations in different ecosystems.

Here it is an example of the default REST API Call, showing the method used, the request authorization, the body, and the response given from the device.


The following screenshot provides an example of calling a device resource (like a led in this example) from Curl, so you can open your terminal to turn on and off things easily!


You can try to update your resources directly from the console, and see how the requests are updated dynamically!

We will add soon more examples for doing queries with different clients, like PHP, or Node.JS.

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  • Anoop K Reply

    Amazing stuff! Thank you very much for this project.Came across this accidently, gave it a try imediately with the resources i had in my hand , and within minutes i could turn on /off light, detect occupancy in a room, and measure light level, all using your platform!

    December 4, 2016 at 4:12 pm

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