Thinger.io MQTT Broker

Although it was born as a M2M technology, today MQTT is undoubtedly one of the most extended Internet of Things communication protocols, thanks to its integration simplicity and flexibility. That is why many commercial sensors have native MQTT integrations that can be configured to connect to a specific broker. However, MQTT only establishes a channel for communications, to create an IoT project we need other management tools, storage or data visualization, this is the role played by the IoT [...]


New Thinger.io IoT Platform Version

We are happy to announce that the new version of Thigner.io IoT platform has been released, and it comes with a lot of new features focused on professional uses! During the last year, we have been working on different improvements over our platform, with the main objective of making it more extensible and more suitable for big infrastructure IoT projects, but also keeping Thinger.io’s agile orientation, that allows creating IoT projects in a simple way. In the next paragraphs, we have [...]


¡Nuevo curso “Experto en Thinger.io” en Udemy!

*We just launched an online course about thinger.io, 1.5h of content at Udemy. If you are fluent in Spanish we encourage you to take it! We hope to have an English version of the course very soon, so stay tuned! Hace unos días lanzamos un curso completo sobre la plataforma Thinger.io en Udemy y queríamos compartirlo con la comunidad. Este curso ofrece una visión muy páctica de las diferentes técnicas que permiten crear productos conectados en un tiempo récord por medio de la tecnología de [...]